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Trump is making ads targeting the LGBTQ community look good. “McDonalds is doing it wrong. The ad has a big gay man, a gay man who is on the autism spectrum, and it’s really funny. That’s how we’re going to win in a lot of ways.”

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is a big fan of Kellyan, who has been a frequent critic of the candidate’s campaign.“The president has been on TV in his commercials, and I think it’s important to watch the ads that Kellyan and Kellyan’s team are putting out, and we’re seeing them doing very well,” Conway said…

What is advertising?

Advertising is a highly complex profession, and one that’s only just beginning to get its footing.For starters, advertising is an industry, not a profession, says Mark Haddon, the head of advertising strategy at Ernst & Young Canada.The best example is car advertising. “The thing that’s really challenging about advertising is that we have a whole…

Why are advertisers making false claims about Facebook ad blockers?

The rise of digital advertising has brought new attention to how advertisers use technology to reach consumers.Some companies are also looking for ways to get consumers to pay for more of their products, whether by using ad blockers, selling their data to advertisers or charging extra fees.Some critics argue that digital ads are too expensive…

The internet is not a free market

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