Honolulu advertiser’s story: ‘The media is not covering us enough’ September 23, 2021 September 23, 2021 admin

Honolulu advertisers are finding it difficult to get the press to cover them.

Advertisers are struggling to get a word in edgewise because the Honolulu media landscape has become dominated by a small number of companies that are aggressively competing with each other and by big media companies that see no reason to invest in local news.

“We don’t have any of the big media outlets that we used to,” said Kathy Larkin, the president of the Hawaii Association of Advertising Agencies, which represents some 600 local advertising agencies.

“It’s been a real struggle.

It’s been very frustrating.”

The group says it is now fielding nearly 100 requests for information per week for news and current affairs.

The Honolulu Advertiser Association estimates that local news organizations have more than 7,000 employees in the state.

The Hawaii Advertisers Association says the lack of local news coverage has created a disincentive for local advertisers to engage with local advertisers.

And the problem has gotten worse in recent years, the group said.

“In some ways it’s becoming a bigger problem than it was five or 10 years ago,” said David Larkin of the Honolulu Adadvertisers Associations.

“We are finding that local advertising groups have lost interest and that local media has become so saturated that local advertisers are simply unable to find the time and resources to be a part of the news,” Larkin said.

The AP story in this issue of Newsweek magazine about a Honolulu advertisering group said the company that owned the Honolulu newspaper had spent more than $3 million in recent months to buy local advertising.

The group said it does not disclose the source of that funding.

But in an e-mail to Newsweek, a Honolulu-based newspaper publisher said that when it buys ads, the company receives the ad from the same advertiser.

It said that if the advertiser is not a local media company, the advertising agency does not pay the fee.

“Our relationship with the advertisers is based on trust and respect, and we have never done any advertising that would be considered unethical or illegal,” said the newspaper publisher, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he does not want to be identified.

The Honolulu Advertising Association says it has a strong reputation for providing local advertisers with high-quality news coverage.

“The Honolulu AdAdvertiser is one of the few local news outlets in the U.S. that is truly independent, objective, and not owned by a single news organization or any corporation,” the association said in a statement.

“Local news organizations are often the last line of defense against misinformation from large corporations, and local media is one area where they have been sorely lacking.”

For the past 10 years, Honolulu advertising has been a major driver of the local news industry.

The city has a growing number of local newspapers that cover local issues and a number of smaller publications that provide local news content.

In 2011, the Honolulu News Tribune published a series of articles about the financial crisis that was not published by any other media outlet.

A year later, Honolulu-owned newspaper the Star Tribune published its own article about the economic impact of the financial meltdown.

Advertising for local media and local news is a lucrative business for advertisers because they can offer a better quality of content.

“For every dollar we spend, we can offer the equivalent of a thousand stories in our local newspapers,” said Kevin J. O’Donnell, president of Hawaiian News & Current Affairs, which owns the Star &amp.

Current Affairs.

The Associated Press article in this week’s Newsweek magazine quoted an ad executive saying he does about two to three ad buys per month, but he has to do them quickly because he’s trying to meet a deadline.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have to do it.

It is exhausting,” he said.

Some advertisers say that if local media was more responsive to their business, they might have more time to pursue local advertisers for local news, even if it was a small group of local media.

“That would be great,” said Michael J. Pohl, who owns the Honolulu Times, a national newspaper.

“But they’re not.

They’re all local.

The problem is they’re all owned by the same companies.

It makes it hard to reach out and talk to local advertisers.””

Local media companies are not very good at communicating with local media,” said Paul C. Kiely, the executive director of the National Association of Advertisment Agency Executives.

“They have this idea of this huge digital world where they’re just everywhere.

But that’s not really true.”

The Honolulu Times has been among the most visible and successful local media companies, with more than 400 employees and a circulation of more than 2 million.

The newspaper is owned by CBS Corporation, a holding company that is a subsidiary of CBS Corporation.

The newspaper has been one of CBS Corp.’s most visible properties and a major draw for advertisers.

The company’s newsmagazine, CBS News