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‘If you can’t afford to go to college, then you don’t deserve to be a doctor’

By the time she graduated from high school, Megan McArthur had already become a successful actress and a professional writer.But, after graduating from college, she realized that she couldn’t afford the tuition for her graduate studies.Megan McArthons experience is a common one: She didn’t know where to start.For Megan, a single mother of three, the…

Which of these ad-sharing sites is cheapest?

Ads are still a way to spread your content, but they’re not as valuable as you might think, according to a new study.Here are the 10 most affordable places to share your photos and videos.1.Instagram 1.1 billion Instagram photos and more than 2.5 billion videos.That’s more than twice the size of Facebook.The app allows users…

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