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How to pay for the Internet?

The internet is not free.That is not a bad thing.It is something that has been built on the backs of a number of free services.However, there is a problem.Free services often have a significant cost to maintain.Free websites often offer a much lower rate for the same service.Free business software usually has a lower rate…

How the ad industry is using the Internet to target its ads

There are so many different ways for advertisers to get their ads on websites, and that’s a challenge when it comes to targeting their audiences.But one way the industry is trying to keep up with the changing landscape is by using technology to do it better.This week, ad agency Ogilvy & Mather partnered with social…

When ‘Mad Men’ returns to HBO with a Season 6 title, there’s a possibility we’ll get an episode of Mad Men

HBO has confirmed that Season 6 will be titled Mad Men.As we reported earlier today, the showrunner for Season 6, Megan Koester, confirmed the news at an event in New York.The network also released the first two episodes of Season 6’s first season, and you can check out the first episode below.As of right now,…

Car advertising magnet attracts car owners

Car advertising magnets have been a popular way to promote a brand in the past few years, and now a new industry is hoping to capitalize on their appeal.The car advertising industry is booming in Canada, with more than $7 billion worth of advertising in Canada in 2017.The industry is also thriving in the U.S….

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