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Posted by Nick Brennan on March 14, 2018 09:57:01 The trailers have arrived, and with them a new trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII, the most recent in a series of big-screen adventures for the Star Wars universe.

It’s been two years since George Lucas announced the new film trilogy with his first two movies: Episode IV and the novel Return of the Jedi, and since then we’ve seen the first trailer for the new movie, which was released this week.

In the trailer, Luke Skywalker’s apprentice, Rey, is shown in a bikini.

She has dark-skinned skin, but the trailer’s description says otherwise.

“In the Force she becomes a dark-skinned Jedi,” it reads.

The first trailer has been shown before, but this is the first time that we’ve had a full look at the new trailer.

The trailer shows Rey being shot by a mysterious Imperial stormtrooper, and the shot shows the figure’s head sticking out of her chest.

We don’t know what she is, but we do know that the Empire is a dark and brutal force, and it’s a lot more effective than we’ve ever seen before.

The new trailer features a big, bright-blue lightsaber.

And now we have our first look at a new look at Leia, the heroine of the novel The Phantom Menace.

The movie stars Daisy Ridley as Leia Organa, the sister of Anakin Skywalker and the daughter of the late Emperor Palpatine.

The plot revolves around the Rebel Alliance trying to take over the galaxy.

In this film, Leia finds herself in the middle of the conflict, and we know she has a hard time.

She’s got to get the galaxy back together, or she’ll be killed.

The character is played by the incredible Lupita Nyong’o, who played the rebel leader in Star Wars.

She played the same part in Rogue One, and in the new teaser we see her with some very good-looking hair and a big smile on her face.

As we saw in Rogue Two, she has dark skin.

This trailer is more or less a direct sequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which had a very different ending.

But we also know that Leia and her daughter will be coming back.

The second trailer, this one featuring Kylo Ren, the villain of the new trilogy, doesn’t offer much more than the trailers.

In it, we see him fighting alongside Kylo and Kylo’s wife, who we know is named Leia.

The trailers say that the fight is between Kylo Rey and Rey’s father, Emperor Palp.

The Emperor is played very well by Adam Driver, and his scenes are well-drawn.

We also get a few new scenes with Rey’s uncle, Kylo.

They’re played by Lupita Jones and Adam Driver.

But as we’ve learned from Rogue One and The Force Unleashed, there’s a long road ahead for the Rebels.

They’ll need to win the war, and Kylos is the best way to do that.

The other trailer shows the Rebels fighting the Death Star, which is still intact.

It features some nice CGI.

We’re not seeing Kylo, but his appearance does suggest that he’s a new character.

This movie, by the way, has a very big cast.

The cast includes Felicity Jones, Adam Driver and Andy Serkis.

And the trailer opens with a shot of a ship in space.

It turns out that this is where the Death Stars are located.

This is a very cool shot, with all the ships and the lightsabers on the ground.

It looks like a real battle.

It seems a bit weird to have a shot in space and not in a space station, but you get the point.

And we see Kylo walking on the roof of a space ship.

This looks like he’s going to attack the Empire’s Death Star.

This might be the biggest tease we’ve gotten in a while, as Kylo has been very absent from the Star Trek franchise for a while now.

But this could also be the big reveal in the next trailer, where he appears as a character called the Emperor.

This new trailer also features a new shot of Luke and Rey, and this time we see them standing in front of a giant stormtroop, a massive battle droid.

This was the first teaser we saw of the Emperor, but he’s still missing from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Kylo might be getting his own movie.

In The Force Awakes, Rey is a clone.

We know this, but it also gives us a glimpse at what Rey might be up to in the upcoming film.

In Rogue One , the original Clone Wars storyline is set during the Clone Wars.

So the Rebels are trying to stop a war between the two clans, the Yuuzhan Vong and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

And in the Clone War, the Clone Troopers were supposed