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When you’re buying movies, how do you know what to watch?

I don’t watch the news, so I’m not a big news junkie.But I know that the news can be kind of overwhelming to me.I’ve always been more interested in entertainment than politics, and there are so many great shows and movies that I really like.So if you’re a political junkie, it can be hard to…

When ‘Mad Men’ returns to HBO with a Season 6 title, there’s a possibility we’ll get an episode of Mad Men

HBO has confirmed that Season 6 will be titled Mad Men.As we reported earlier today, the showrunner for Season 6, Megan Koester, confirmed the news at an event in New York.The network also released the first two episodes of Season 6’s first season, and you can check out the first episode below.As of right now,…

How to avoid Google+ spam ads in Windows 10

By clicking on the “Learn More” button, you’ll be taken to a guide that will help you understand the new rules and how to avoid any unwanted Google+ ads on your PC or mobile.In this guide, we’ll help you avoid Google’s AdSense spam campaigns.

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