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How to advertise your podcast

How to make sure your podcast is featured in the right places.article Tags reddit,how,how-to,advertising source Reddit title How To Promote Your Podcast article A guide to how to promote your podcast on Reddit.article Links to reddit,reddit.com,reddit and reddit.co.uk. article Title How to promote a podcast article Promoting a podcast with the help of Reddit.com. article

How to create an ad for a black fridays ad on the web using a template

You might be wondering how to create a black Friday ad for an ad on your own website, so we’ve got you covered.Here’s how to use an ad template for a Black Friday ad on a popular online service.You’ll need a template that includes a title and description, a link to the ad, and an…

What are you doing to get more organic traffic?

Direct response advertising (DRO) is a marketing technique that uses links and social media to reach consumers who are not necessarily interested in reading a site’s site content.This technique has become very popular recently as companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon have launched campaigns on their own platforms and even on other platforms that have…

Google’s next advertising offering will be an app with a photo-editing tool

Google has been testing a new advertising offering that would allow advertisers to use photos to target ads, and in some cases, even remove the ads themselves.The company is testing a photo editing tool called PhotoJ, which would allow users to edit a photo and then remove the offending part.“The idea is that we’ll be…

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