This post-apocalyptic survival game is a lot more than a survival horror game October 31, 2021 October 31, 2021 admin

An indie game has won the 2017 E3 2017 award for best survival horror title, the Electronic Entertainment Software Association announced on Tuesday.

The title is The Blacklight Saga, which uses a procedural survival horror gameplay to explore the consequences of the pandemic.

It’s the second time The Blacklisters’ game has been nominated for the award.

Last year, The Banner Saga won for best new release.

“We’re proud of The Banner and the game, but this year we are very excited about our newest game,” The Banner’s creative director Matt Pugh told Polygon.

“This is a big step forward for The Banner.”

The Blacklister series is a series of survival horror games that uses a “trick-based” survival horror design to explore a variety of themes.

In The Banner, players take control of a group of survivors stranded in a remote village.

Players must survive in an increasingly dangerous world, from disease to violence.

It’s a survival-horror game that’s more like a first-person shooter than a first person horror game.

“We wanted to do something unique that we would be able to say ‘We are making for VR, we’re making for mobile, and we’re doing it for the big screen,'” Pugh said.

“The idea of this is to try and take the best elements of the old games and turn them into something we can build on for the VR platform.

And the best part is that we have some incredible support on the team to get this going.”

The game was developed in Unity, which was chosen because it’s a platform that’s compatible with VR.

Pugh described the game as a “VR horror game in VR.”

“This is the first VR game where you can look around at the environment and see where the zombie has gone, you can hear what’s happening, you see what the zombie is doing, you feel the zombie in your hand, you hear what they’re saying,” Pugh explained.

“It’s just the same gameplay experience as a survival game.”

The Banner Saga has been out for two weeks and has sold more than 7,000 copies on Steam.

It has been picked up by mobile developer Cyanide Studio and developer Deep Silver.

The game is due out for PlayStation VR in 2017.