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On January 1, 2020, the company will be up for sale.

On a Tuesday, the stock price will dip below $3, then rocket up to $14.30.

At the top of the next day, the price will drop again, to $10.30, before climbing to $13.10 before falling again to $8.10.

A week later, the IPO will be announced.

The stock has been trading at about $14 a share.

Lamar is not a public company.

The company is a private company, with more than 3,500 employees in Hawaii.

Lamars stock price has been trending in the same direction as the Dow Jones Industrial Average since the IPO in January.

Since January, Lamar has seen a total of $1.9 billion in revenue and $874 million in net income.

Lamaris stock price was $8,000 at the close on January 1.

On that day, Lamars shares are trading at $16.40.

That is a massive drop in price.

At that point, the biggest concern is that the stock could plunge further.

Lamaroos stock price dropped more than 40% on the first day of trading in January, from a peak of $40 a share in January 2017.

The next few days will determine whether Lamar’s stock price can rebound.

Lamara’s stock has shown no signs of slowing down in the months since the company announced its IPO.

The market for outdoor advertising is a volatile industry, but Lamar and other outdoor advertisers have been able to capitalize on the boom in outdoor advertising with a few key changes to their businesses.

In addition to growing their staffs, they have been working with advertising agencies to build better digital platforms for outdoor brands.

While they have had a hard time finding enough qualified candidates to fill positions, the industry is also getting more competitive.

As more companies move to digital, companies have begun to open up positions to candidates that would normally be on the sidelines.

This is one area where Lamar could benefit from an influx of candidates.

But it will take a lot of money to get those positions filled, especially for positions that can last only a few months.

In a recent interview, Lamara Chief Marketing Officer Mike McPherson said the company has to keep expanding its reach and reach of advertisers.

He said the market is very competitive and that we’re going to need to be able to find a way to attract and retain the top talent to the company.

That talent can then be put to work building the platform that we need to grow our brand and drive revenue.

In other words, if Lamar can find a lot more good candidates, then the company can have a lot less advertising revenue.

“It’s not a perfect solution,” McPhersons partner of 25 years, Mark Jenson, said.

“There’s no question that if you can get good candidates to stay with Lamar, you have a better chance of retaining the talent and getting the revenue you need.

That means we’re still in a very competitive environment.”

That said, McPherns and Jenson agree that a strong online presence is a good thing for the company, and it’s not the only reason to look for candidates.

“We have to keep growing our visibility and reach, so that’s something that I think is very important,” McPrigns said.

Lamarr Outdoor Advertising has spent more than $100 million on digital campaigns.

In 2017, the agency spent about $40 million to build a digital platform to help advertisers target their audiences.

The platform has already been used to promote a number of other brands, including Budweiser, Target, and Walgreens.

Lamarcos digital platform has also been used in an ad campaign for a new restaurant chain in Hawaii, and in a TV commercial for a car dealership in California.

It has also helped other outdoor brands like Hawaiian Star and Big Island Outdoors build digital platforms.

As for Lamar itself, it has spent $1 billion in advertising over the last five years.

In the five years before the Lamar IPO, the firm has spent nearly $400 million.

“The fact that the company is profitable is a huge thing, but we have to be careful in that,” McPainson said.

There is no doubt that Lamar will need to spend a lot to build its digital platform and attract the top candidates to Lamar.

But McPheredson said there are other ways to go about this, like working with existing agencies to acquire more digital talent.

He also said that Lamarcas business plan is focused on the long-term and the sustainability of the business.

“I think Lamar does have the talent that it needs,” McPartons partner, Jim Schlosser, said of the company’s current growth plan.

“That’s why it’s in a position where it’s able to build that kind of