Why do people buy ads on YouTube? September 25, 2021 September 25, 2021 admin

The Lad bible has put out an ad for Coca-Cola on its YouTube channel.

The ad features a montage of scenes from popular television shows like Lost and the first season of Breaking Bad.

The Lad bible says the advertisement is a nod to Coca-Cola’s decision to buy YouTube in 2015.

The company also has a lot of ads on the channel, which it says is popular with teens and young adults.

The ads were created by advertising agency Gilt, which also has an office in the UK.

“The Lad Bible is an international publication of the Lad Bible Association, an international association of Lad Bible believers and believers of all denominations,” Gilt said in a statement.

“Gilt has worked with the Lad bible to ensure that our ads are suitable for all audiences.”

The Lad brand is a global Christian Christian denomination that says its name comes from the word “believer.”