Microsoft advertises its latest product, Surface Pro 4 August 10, 2021 August 10, 2021 admin

Microsoft has introduced a new advertising campaign for its Surface Pro four-in-one tablet.

The adverts, which start airing on Thursday, are part of a campaign aimed at “building trust in Microsoft.”

“The next generation of devices and experiences will be built by the same people who made them,” the advert states.

The Surface Pro will also be available in select Microsoft stores.

“The future is here, and with Surface Pro you can get it,” the advertisement concludes.

The ads, which begin airing on Wednesday, will be available to anyone who buys the new Surface Pro.

Microsoft said the new ads were targeted at people who have already purchased the Surface Pro, and will run on TV and digital platforms in the US and UK.

The company has been working to boost its reputation among users by launching new products over the past year.

It introduced its Surface Book tablet, the Surface Book Pro, last month, and its Surface Pen tablet earlier this year.

“Microsoft is committed to helping its customers make the most of their Surface devices by introducing new products and services that enhance their digital lives,” the company said in a statement.

Microsoft has said it wants to expand its tablet ecosystem with more tablets, as well as introducing more apps and games.