The Top 5 Most Popular Ads in 2016 (The AdWeek Awards) July 28, 2021 July 28, 2021 admin


Ogilvy’s #1 Ad (5.2M)  – The Ogi brand has been the go-to for brands for the past few years, but with a big fall in ad spend, it’s hard to imagine a new Ogi ad featuring the iconic ad slogan, “Keep on truckin’.”  2.

Pampers $20 Million Dollar $10 Million ad campaign (5M) – The most expensive ad campaign of the year.

It was the most expensive campaign in history to date.

Pimp My Ride is a brand with a great ad strategy, but it’s also one of the worst-managed campaigns in history. 


Oli-Sonesta $20 million $10 million ad campaign with Oli and Olivia (4.5M views) – One of the best ad campaigns of the last five years. 


Stony Brook $20 mil ad campaign for its Sustainability Week (4M)  – Syracuse University’s Sustain-X program and the Mondays School of Health at Stony Brook were key to the success of this campaign. 


A$AP Rocky $15 million ad ($7M) for Tequila’s “The Last of the Kingpins” (4M views/week) – This was the highest-rated ad in its time slot, with over half of its views coming from outside the US. 


The Black Eyed Peas $10 mil ad for Black Eyed Bea  (3M views – 2nd in the ad-spending race) – This ad is one of several that have had huge growth this year, with more than $10M in views in the first 24 hours after it was released. 


Adidas $10 Mil ad campaign for Sneaker’s “Stay” (3M) (3.9M) ad was one of its best. 


O’Neil & Partners $10.1 Million ad for O&G (3-1/2M views in one day) –The latest installment in a long-running series from this ad agency, which has become known for its ability to spot new trends and new ideas. 


Budweiser $10 M ad for Bud Light’s “You Are Now” – BUDWEISER has done some pretty great work for the ad industry this year. 



Crew $10 m ad for the new Viva la Vida (2M view) – This ad from J.

Crew has been seen by millions of people, and was the top-rated of the week. 


Hollister $10 $10 ad for KFC (1.6M views /week) – The ad shows a girl eating and getting a burger, and it’s one of my favorites from the ad campaign.


Kobe Bryant $10m ad campaign – Kobe Bryant has been doing a lot of work in recent years to change the way he acts. 


Nike $10,000 ad for Nike’s “Dangerous” (-1.4M view/week, #2 in the week) – Nike was also a major player in this campaign, as they helped the ad agency get the most view out of it. 


Yardley $10mil ad campaign featuring the Black Eyeds (1.2m views) –This ad has become a classic in its own right, and features the Black Hooded Men of Harlem. 


Drew Barrymore $10 marque ad campaign to promote her new “I Am Not Sorry” movie – The campaign was seen by more than 7.2 million people and was seen on a record number of platforms. 


Lemonade $10 cent ad for Coke’s “Sauce” -(1.1M views)/week – This was the ad that made Lemonade a big deal.


The A-List $10 million ad campaign with The A-Listers (0.9m views / week) – This one is probably one of their most popular campaigns of all time.


Veronica Mars $10million ad for Veronica Mars  (-0.7M views, 2nd) (advertising -3.5 million views) 19. 

Martha Stewart $10 $20 ad for Mar-a-Lago (-0.6m views, 3rd) -(advertising 3.1 million views -1.5m views/day) 20