How to spot a fake Google ad, from the Google ads manual May 26, 2021 May 26, 2021 admin

Google’s advertising software, which allows search marketers to generate headlines for their search ads, has a handy feature that lets them determine if the search result is actually a legitimate search result, a feature that has been widely used in search ads.

The feature is called “Google Ads Filter,” and it allows Google to determine whether a search query is genuine or fake.

It is not possible to use this feature to identify genuine search results, and it is not known whether Google Ads Filter has been abused in any way.

If a search engine is using Google Ads Filters in an attempt to deceive users, it is very likely that this has been done by Google, because the search engines advertising systems are vulnerable to the same type of attack.

This article first appeared at the The Information, and is republished here with permission.