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Wellington’s ‘Taste of Dubuque’ advert pays homage to Dubuqian, the town’s favourite dish

Wellington’s local ad agency has created a brand-new ad for DubuQian, a dish made with chicken, potatoes and garlic that’s also popular in Dubu Que, the village of the same name in the Northern Territory.Dubu Qians main dish is a mix of chicken, mashed potatoes, and garlic and is topped with a fried egg and…

What you need to know about the New Zealand media industry

The New Zealand government is poised to unveil new rules aimed at protecting the independence of the national broadcaster.In the wake of a series of media scandals involving alleged bribery and conflict of interest, the Government has now announced that it will scrap the “no-conflict” policy that allows broadcasters to avoid conflict of interests with…

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