Terms And Conditions

These viprakoota.com Free Business Directory Website only for BRAMIN COMMUNITY. Terms and Conditions are designed for use on websites which provide directory listing services free of charge. Such sites may be broad ranging, covering a variety of business types; or may be more specific, targeting specific industries or sectors.

These viprakoota.com website terms and conditions are designed for acceptance through Mahathi Marketing. Rather than being required to read them and accept them using a checkbox or similar, visitors to your website are simply deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as soon as they start using the site. Provision is also made in this document for user accounts. An option is therefore included should you wish to make acceptance of the terms and conditions a part of the account sign-up process.

Important information about the website operator is provided, including company registration details, trading address, and details of any relevant regulatory bodies or associations. It is important to note that for certain trades and professions there may be additional information that you must supply. Members of regulated professions should include professional titles, links to professional rules and other important details. Such details are not included in this template and those working in regulated professions should seek professional advice.

Of further importance with respect to the posting of listings is the Acceptable Usage Policy. Applying to the use of the website in general, but in particular to listings, the policy sets out clearly the types of material and conduct that will not be accepted. Sanctions for breach are also included.

A number of options are included in this template that allow you to choose how much flexibility to give to your users when it comes to copying and saving material from your site, as well as establishing deep-links to pages within your site on other sites. More linking provisions included in the template may also help to prohibit users from establishing links to your site from sites publishing offensive or unlawful content.

An optional reference to advertising has been included, informing users that advertising may appear on the site and/or the same page as their listing, and prohibiting them from attempting to hide or remove it. A further option explains that the website operator is not responsible for the content of advertising, pointing out who is. Note that these provisions only represent a basic example and that more complex terms may apply depending upon the source of the advertising on your website.

Disclaimers and liability provisions in this document seek to protect website operators to the maximum extent deemed reasonable.

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