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The NFL, the NCAA and the league’s advertisers are hoping Super Bowl ad revenue will soar to $5 billion this season.

And they’re making it easy.

The Super Bowl advertising campaign will feature 3,000 ad spots on TV, according to a document from the NFL and the NCAA.

But it’s not going to just be ad spots.

Ads can be used as the foundation for more creative, targeted ads.

For example, a company might run an ad that includes a photo of a sports star wearing a jersey or an image of a logo.

The company might then go on to run ads that are customized to that sports star.

It’s all up to the advertiser, according the document.

And the NFL, NCAA and NFL advertisers will be able to create and run ads on their own websites.

The NFL and NCAA also hope that their ad campaigns will be more effective than the Super Bowl ads that have run in recent years.

This year, the NFL ran more than 40,000 ads on its website.

And advertisers who run their own ads are allowed to run them on a third party website, which means advertisers like Bud Light and McDonald’s are not able to run Super Bowl-style ads on those sites.

The ad spots will run on sites like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix, the documents show.

The ads will also run on Facebook Live, where advertisers can let fans watch the ads.

And there will be a chance to participate in the ad-making process, which will be similar to the Superbowl commercials.

“We hope that the experience of being able to watch the ad in real time will be an experience that people will remember,” NFL Vice President of Ad Sales John Friesen said in a statement.

The league hopes that by running ads in real-time, it will allow advertisers to have a deeper, more personalized experience with their ads, according Friese.

That means advertisers can use social media to reach their customers in a way that the ads didn’t before.

The documents say that advertisers can also use the Superbrains brand to make their ads more unique.

Bud Light, for example, has already started running ads on Buds website, and McDonalds will start running ads there later this year.

The companies will also be able run ads for products like Nike, Nike+, Nike+ and Apple products.

Advertisers will be allowed to use the same Google and Facebook ad networks that they use on their websites.

That will mean that any company can advertise on the platforms that they’re already using.

“For example, if a company has an ad on Facebook that they want to run, and they want people to see their ad, they’ll be able make their own ad network that’s more personalized,” Friesesaid.

But advertisers will have to pay for those ad networks and use those networks only in conjunction with their own brand.

Buds and McDonald, for instance, are using Google, while the NFL is using Facebook.

Google and YouTube have the right to set their own network standards.

The leagues and the NFL both said that advertisers won’t be allowed on sites that they don’t own.

However, they did say that any ad network, including YouTube, will have the ability to set its own standards.

And in some cases, advertisers can opt out of being on sites they don.t own by changing their settings on those networks, according Toeppen.

“In some cases if you’ve chosen not to have your ad on a platform you’re on, you’ll be eligible to opt out,” he said.

But that still means advertisers will not be able share the same ad network.

And even if they are, Friesensaid, advertisers will still have to make sure that their ads are customized.

Advertisements will have a specific look, and the companies will be limited to showing only one image at a time.

“The ads that you see on those platforms, they’re going to have to be customized, and that will be done with a different algorithm,” he added.

That may mean that an ad will have fewer than four or five photos, for each ad.

“It will have certain elements that you’re going have to play around with to create something that you’ll remember,” Frieersaid.

That could include using a different color scheme or other elements to highlight a particular brand or athlete.

In some cases a team’s players will be included in the ads as well.

Friesonsaid said that ads that run on these platforms will be paid for through sponsorships.

“Advertisers are also going to be able offer their ads to a certain type of content on those services, and then advertisers can pay to be included,” he explained.

Sponsorships are the way that companies can get their ads seen by users on their sites.

If the ads are good, sponsors will pay to run an advertisement on their site.

The advertisers will then have to buy those ads back from advertisers.

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