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The Internet’s largest and most influential advertising agency, New York-based Magazines Advertising Agency, is looking for stories that are best suited for its online magazine ads.

It also wants to help readers find new places to read.

“We want to make sure that we are not just putting in a headline, we are putting in all the stories that we know are important, and we are using our experience with the magazine to help guide the content,” Magazines AD founder and CEO Andrew Kline told the Times.

He added that he hopes to work with the New York City Public Library’s library to create a new version of the magazine’s ads that better reflect its mission and goals.

The Times reports that Magazines Ads has been using Google News as its primary news source for months, with some ads featuring stories that include the keyword “magazine.”

The company recently announced it was making the process easier to publish the stories online by providing the Times with an API to build new content based on stories from the news service.

Kline said he believes this is one of the most promising uses of Google News, adding that it could “change the world” for online news.

He said Magazines has not yet decided on a format for the ads.

“I hope that we have a nice format for ads that is interesting to people,” he said.

“It’s kind of like how the New Yorker is a great magazine, but we do a lot of stuff in the newspaper.

If we can get people to like the magazine better than the newspaper, it will help us.”

Magazines ads run for about a month in the New Jersey, California, and New York area, according to Kline.

The ads run in English and in Spanish.

The company has more than a dozen other ad products.

The New York Times reported in March that it had acquired Magazines from its parent company, Magazines Publishing, in exchange for $3.5 billion.