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Posted September 21, 2018 08:02:13 The ABC’s Dr Kate Jones says alcohol advertising is often cheap and easy to do on the internet, but it can be a headache to write the right ad for your business.

Dr Jones said while it may sound simple, alcohol advertising was often a “one-off” deal and it took weeks or months to write an ad.

She said online ads were often more expensive, with advertisers often asking for $50 to $100 to get an ad up and running.

“It’s a big, big pain,” she said.

“If you do it right, it should be a really easy task, but you might spend a lot of time doing it wrong.”

Dr Jones advised people to ask themselves questions about the advertising they are putting up on the Internet.

“What’s the cost of putting up an ad?

What’s the risk of it not being effective?

How can I avoid it?”

Dr Jones says if you’re starting a business, you should consider what type of advertising you’re going to put up.

“There are a lot more options for advertising on the web than you think,” she told AM.

Dr Kate Jones is an associate professor of marketing at Monash University and is the ABC’s advertising critic.

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