Google’s Gender Ads app offers ads for gender-related topics September 5, 2021 September 5, 2021 admin

Google’s new gender-aware ads platform offers advertisers an opportunity to offer gender-relevant ads. 

According to a blog post from Google Vice President of AdWords, Sarah McVey, the company is now adding an ad for gender and gender-based products in Google’s gender ads app. 

“For example, we’re adding an app ad that’s specifically for women, where you can select a product and then choose a gender, and the product will offer you a gender-neutral, gender-inclusive product,” McVee said.

“And so we’re also introducing an app that will specifically target women, targeting products with the brand gender.” 

The new app features a variety of gender-specific ads.

McVees ad is aimed at women seeking to create a better quality of life.

“When you search for a new beauty product, you can click on the [gender-inclusiveness] tab, and it will show you the products that are on the market,” Mcvee said, adding that the ad will also include an example of a product in the product line.

“When you look at those products, you’ll see a lot of women, a lot more women are using products that have these gender-friendly ingredients.

And so you’ll also see a range of products on the store that are made with those ingredients.” 

Another gender-centric ad features a male model wearing a pair of underwear. 

Google has also added a new ad for male models and male body types. 

For now, McVes ads are only available in the Google Gender Ads App.

McVee also noted that the gender ads feature will only work in the United States and Canada, and only for products in the “Men’s” or “Women’s” categories. 

The Google Gender AdWords app is still in beta, so advertisers can request ads that include gender-targeted content. 

McVey also noted the company will continue to support other Google apps and services, including Google Maps, Google Search, Google Now, Google+ Hangouts, and Google News.