Laissez-faire for advertising slogan “Let’s Get it on” August 18, 2021 August 18, 2021 admin

New York City-based brand Laisseze-Faire is starting to look like the old ad agency.

The new, all-caps slogan is the first ad in the company’s new “let’s get it on!” campaign.

The slogan is part of a new “Let the world be” campaign, which is launching this weekend.

The brand is aiming to get “L” onto every single billboard, television, billboard poster, bus, and train in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

And the campaign has a little twist: In the “let the world” ad, the stars are all different stars.

But you know who’s on the right side?

You know who gets to be on the left?

It’s Laissezer-Faires logo.

“It was a funny concept,” says the brand’s president, Jennifer Loe.

“The idea was that, hey, let’s get this on, and the star is all different, but in the right place, we can get it to make people feel good.”

The brand, Loe says, was inspired by Laissezière-Foursquare.

“People like to know that LaisseZ-FREED is on the side of their city,” Loe told Business Insider.

“And that’s why we wanted to start a brand, so that people could see that our motto is, let the world BE.

The campaign will start at the end of the month.