Spanish court rules for the first time that the government was in breach of international law August 17, 2021 August 17, 2021 admin

Updated September 26, 2019 14:08:22 Spanish authorities have decided to overturn a ruling that forced the government to pay millions of dollars to an environmental group.

Key points:The government says the environmental group violated Spain’s legal rights when it conducted research on the Spanish government’s controversial plansThe group won an appeal, and the government appealed to the Constitutional CourtThe Supreme Court has decided to take up the case, and could make a ruling in the next few weeksSpanish Environment Minister Francisco Paredes said the decision “comes as a surprise”.

“The government has not yet responded to our appeal.

It is very surprising,” he told the Associated Press news agency.”

We are still awaiting a reply.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it conducted the research in a non-political and ethical manner.

The case is now being taken up by the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), which is scheduled to consider the case in October.

“The Supreme Council for the Constitutional Tribunal (SCCT) has decided that the case should be brought before the Supreme Constitutional Court in October 2019,” a spokesman for the court told AFP.

The court’s decision comes as the Spanish economy continues to slide.

The economy contracted for a fifth straight month in September and unemployment remains stubbornly high.