When it comes to viral content, the US is at the bottom of the heap August 13, 2021 August 13, 2021 admin

When it came to viral video content, people from all over the world were looking at the US as the most dominant force in the field.

That is, until Google announced a new rule on Thursday that banned sites from running their videos in countries where it is legal.

The news comes in the wake of the recent controversy surrounding the adverts that appeared on the popular US TV show ‘America’s Got Talent’.

The rules were initially seen as a way to curb the spread of fake news, but in recent weeks they have been criticised as a violation of free speech.

But now there is evidence to suggest the rule could have had a bigger impact on the online advertising market.

The internet company that created the rule, YouTube, said it was taking action to make sure its ads do not appear in countries that violate the new rules.

YouTube, which was founded in 2004, was founded to bring the world’s entertainment and culture together.

It is not an industry, but it does have a social impact.

‘YouTube is going to continue to stand up for free speech,’ said YouTube COO Mike Isaacson.

‘But we will also continue to enforce the policies we have put in place to ensure our ads do nothing but promote the YouTube experience.’

Google said it had no intention of enforcing the rules on other platforms.

It said the decision was made because YouTube had found that its adverts did not appear on sites that violate its advertising rules.

The move comes amid growing concern over fake news on the internet.

Google said its ads on Facebook had been removed from pages with misleading and inaccurate content, and that it was removing the ads from websites with ‘misleading’ content.

A spokesman said that the company would continue to work with Facebook to make changes to ensure its ads don’t appear in those countries that are not compliant with Google’s new rules for adverts on Facebook.

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