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A number of ad agencies have responded to a series of consumer complaints about their online ads.

Some have removed ads and others are looking to buy the company outright.

Here are some of the companies that have been responding.

Adobe, which has more than 20 million ad impressions across its ad products, has said it’s aware of the problem.

“Adobe believes that we need to be mindful of the issues people are raising with their online ad experience,” Adobe said in a statement.

“We have taken steps to improve ad experiences across Adobe products, including removing some offending ads from the Adobe ad network, and increasing transparency around ad placement to help consumers better understand the ads they see.”

The company said it was working with the ad network to “improve the way ad placement is presented to consumers.”

Google said it “regularly reviews the content of ads and has removed inappropriate or misleading ads from our ad networks” as part of a “complex process”.

The company said “any ads we remove do not violate our policies or our advertising partners’ privacy.”

The company also said it would review all its ads and reviews to “ensure ad partners adhere to our guidelines.”

Other ad agencies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo, have also been addressing the issue.

Google has said “our ad networks are constantly evaluating ad content and we’re continually working with advertisers to remove any content that violates our guidelines and the ad networks’ policies.”

The Advertising Standards Authority of Australia has issued a bulletin to advertisers, urging them to check the accuracy of their ad placements.

The ASA said it does not believe that Google’s ad network was responsible for the issues, but said that “at least one advertiser who posted content that did not meet our standards has been advised”.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been investigating the issue since January, and has received more than 500 complaints.

“This is a challenging issue, and we are working with all of our partners to ensure the industry takes the right action and ensures ad quality is consistent across the industry,” it said in the bulletin.

“This process has resulted in an average of three complaints to AdRoll each day.

We will continue to work closely with our partners, including ad networks and advertisers, to ensure that the industry is doing the right thing.”