When ‘Mad Men’ returns to HBO with a Season 6 title, there’s a possibility we’ll get an episode of Mad Men August 1, 2021 August 1, 2021 admin

HBO has confirmed that Season 6 will be titled Mad Men.

As we reported earlier today, the showrunner for Season 6, Megan Koester, confirmed the news at an event in New York.

The network also released the first two episodes of Season 6’s first season, and you can check out the first episode below.

As of right now, the two episodes haven’t been made available online, but you can watch them on HBO Go for free.

Koestters announcement comes as no surprise, but it does indicate that HBO is planning to revisit the Mad Men universe for a future season, which is a nice change of pace from the previous season’s lack of surprises.

While Season 6 may not bring a return to the classic Mad Men, it’s certainly a new take on the iconic series and will be an interesting addition to HBO’s offerings.

For now, you can catch up on all of the latest Mad Men news right here.

Watch the first trailer for Season 5 below.