‘Hands up, don’t shoot’: Man says he was shot by police during altercation with officers July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 admin

“Hands down, don�t shoot.”

That�s what the man told his girlfriend after she confronted him with an officer, who had been attempting to pull him over in a car park.

The girlfriend told a detective that he had been driving erratically and was pointing a firearm at her as they had an argument.

The girlfriend told police that the officer did not have a firearm and that she did not know why she was being pulled over.

The couple have been charged with obstructing a police officer and were taken to the hospital for observation, while the officer who pulled the driver over was not arrested.

Police said they were concerned about the impact the arrest would have on the public, saying the couple could have a significant impact on public confidence in the law.

The police chief said they would not be releasing the name of the officer involved in the incident because the incident is confidential.