What to know about Facebook’s $50 million acquisition of the Billboard blog site July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021 admin

Polygon is proud to present our coverage of Facebook’s announcement today that it has acquired the Billboards blog, the site that launched the social network.

We’ll be looking at the implications of the news in a few days.

The Billboards team will remain on Facebook, but will no longer operate as a standalone blog and will be integrated into Facebook’s overall advertising strategy.

In the meantime, Facebook will continue to serve its advertising customers, including advertisers, on the Billheads blog.

The acquisition will also bring Billboards more revenue than ever before, and the site will also continue to expand its reach to more social-media-savvy users, like Facebook itself.

Here are some of the key points from Facebook’s press release announcing the acquisition:The Billboard team will continue as a community blog, and will continue offering its readers curated content from the company’s many partners.

Facebook will be integrating Billboards with Facebook ads in the coming months, but Billboards will not have access to Facebook’s ad inventory.

Facebook says it will continue its partnership with the Billies and its editorial team.

Billboards will continue using the Billingsons Content Index, a community-powered site that allows users to add content to their profile.

This new integration of Facebook content on Billboards is part of Facebooks plan to build a better experience for its advertisers on Facebook.

The news comes as Facebook faces growing scrutiny about its use of paid search.

The company has been facing scrutiny for years over how it uses its advertising platform, which has been a mainstay of Facebook for years, to reach its users.

In 2014, for example, Facebook was forced to pay $500 million in fines and other penalties over the company using ad buys to target users in the United States.