How to keep your Facebook ads paying July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021 admin

Facebook is looking at new ways to keep ads paying on its platform.

The company said it has spent $1.2 billion on ad-buying technology to make it easier to buy ads, and it has launched a new ad-supported mobile app.

Advertisers can opt out of Facebook’s ad-serving services for the time being.

The new app, called Facebook Ads, allows users to see ads in a variety of media, including videos, audio, images and video clips.

Ads can be removed at any time, but Facebook says it does not charge for them.

Facebook has also announced it will offer a $10 per month subscription to its mobile app for people who use it every day.

The company said the $1 billion investment is an increase of $50 million, while Facebook added another $100 million to the platform in April.

The company has long had a large ad revenue stream.

It currently charges advertisers about $1 per click on its ad network, which it said will grow to about $2.50 per click by the end of the year.

The ad-network’s revenue increased to $1,800 million from $977 million last year.

Facebook said it expects its ad revenue to grow to $4 billion this year.