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The advertisement above, which features a woman walking around an apartment building in Delhi, India, has been pulled from the Google ad network.

The ad, which appeared on a recent episode of The Simpsons, features a young girl dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans walking around a city in India with a bag of groceries.

The girl looks bored, but then notices a big red dot on the floor of a building and then she spots a large red flag, which is followed by a shot of a house.

The woman is surprised and starts to run to the flag, and then sees a dog running away with a box of food.

The dog follows her.

It’s the same scene from The Simpsons episode that the ad is from, but this time it has been replaced with a different picture of the same girl in a different outfit.

The Simpsons also featured a similar ad for a bagel sandwich.

The Google ad removal notice says: “We’ve received feedback that an ad in The Simpsons is not suitable for AdSense.

Please check our ad guidelines for details.”

Google has not responded to Ars’ request for comment.

Advertisers are free to run ads on Google’s advertising network, which has about 500 million users in the United States and Canada.

The company is a member of the Google Adsense Ad Networks Alliance, which includes companies such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, eBay, and Amazon.

Google has said that it does not take ad-blocking, or the placement of advertisements, into account when making decisions about whether or not to allow ads on its network.

Ad-blocking is a relatively new technique for preventing advertisers from using third-party software to collect and share data about users.

Ad blockers typically block advertisements from a wide range of sites and apps, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, YouTube TV, Yahoo, and others.

But many ad-blockers use a technique called tracking that prevents the ad networks from tracking users’ browsing history and viewing habits.

Google is a major advertiser on, and it has long had a strong ad-advertising relationship with Google.

Ad blocking on Google is typically done through the company’s AdSense service, but AdSense has also been used by a number of other ad networks, including and Microsoft.

AdSense, which Google announced in April, allows advertisers to accept or reject ad-sponsored links from their website or app, but it does little to block ads.

Google said last week that it was “actively reviewing” the removal of The Simpson’s ad from its advertising network.

Ars’ Sam Mellinger contributed to this report.

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