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When someone tells you to “get the job” in an ad for an online job posting, you know that the person is talking about you, and that you should check out the job description to see if you’re qualified.

But what if the job listing you read was just an ad that came with an actual job posting?

If you do, it could mean that you have no idea what you’re signing up for.

In this episode of Time’s weekly feature “A Little Piece of Advice,” we’ll explore some ways to spot fake job ads on Facebook and Twitter.

What is a fake job ad?

When an ad starts with a link to a job listing, the person looking for the job is likely to be searching for the information that is included in the job post, which can include your name, your photo, and some other personal information.

If you find the job posting you read, you’ll see an advertisement that says, “Please check out our job posting,” with the word “ad.”

If you click on that link, the ad will ask you to verify your email address.

The ad will also tell you that you can send the ad to an email address associated with your name and profile.

Once you click “submit,” the ad is taken off Facebook and will not appear again.

What you need to know about fake job postings and job advertisements on Facebook This article was originally published on September 12, 2018.

You can listen to the episode in its entirety here.

For tips on how to spot job ads and job offers on Facebook, visit the site’s official advice page.

How to verify a job ad on Facebook or Twitter: You’ll need to follow these steps to verify an ad on your Facebook page: Click on the “Edit” button at the top of your page, then select “Edit Your Profile” under “My Account.”

If your Facebook account is locked, click “Lock My Account” and sign in again to your account.

On the bottom right, click the “edit” button again to change your profile.

Under “My Info,” click “Edit Profile.”

Click the “manage profile” link in the upper-right corner.

You’ll see your profile photo and a message that says you’re about to create a new profile.

If the profile photo looks like the one you’re looking for, click on “Manage Profile.”

If the photo looks similar to your photo on Facebook’s site, click your photo.

You may need to adjust your settings to show it properly.

If it doesn’t look right, you can click the checkbox next to the photo and “OK.”

Your profile photo will appear in a pop-up window.

Under the “My Information” section, click where you see the word ‘Verify’.

This will take you to the verification page.

Follow the steps to validate the ad you’re seeing, and then click “Save.”

Facebook and/or Twitter will notify you if they can verify the ad.

What happens if you don’t get a verified job offer?

If your job advertisement doesn’t match the job you’ve actually applied for, you may get a verification error message.

In these cases, you should be able to click “Submit” to see the verification email.

If this message doesn’t appear, you might have an issue with your email.

Check out these steps for a quick fix: Log in to Facebook or Tweet to Facebook.

On your profile, click More Info.

Under a heading called “Verify”, click the link that says “Verification email.”

This will open up the confirmation email that you’ll get if you click that link.

If your verification email doesn’t come through, check out your email provider’s troubleshooting help.

If nothing else, follow the steps in the confirmation message to verify the job offer.

Once your confirmation email is verified, go to the job page for the person you’re applying for.

Scroll down and click the job in the search bar at the bottom of the page.

The job posting will appear under your profile picture.

You’re now in the process of verifying your application.

When you’re finished, you will receive an email.

Verify the ad on Twitter: When you open an ad, the screen on your phone will display an image of the ad with a caption, like “You’ll need an email verification.”

You can check your inbox to see that email.

This is the email you’ll receive if you check out a job advertisement on Twitter or Facebook.

The verification email is a small yellow box with a small “X” in the center.

The email is the verification link you receive when you sign in to Twitter or Google+.

If your email doesn’s not work, it’s possible that you are missing the verification.

Follow these steps if you can’t verify the image on your screen: Log into Twitter or Instagram.

In the top right corner of your screen, click Search. In