How to stop the ‘fear mongering’ from becoming a distraction June 22, 2021 June 22, 2021 admin

When we see a new viral video or a new ad, we often forget that we’ve already been bombarded with information about it for so long.

A new meme, or even a viral tweet, could easily be a one-off, and a new video or ad could very well be a trend that will keep us coming back.

It’s why the fear mongers will try to distract us from real news by trying to tell us to ‘just ignore it’.

It may be a good idea to ask yourself, is this news you’re being bombarded by now something you can actually get excited about?

If not, the fear is not worth your time, because you’re likely to find it difficult to understand or accept.

So how can we prevent it from becoming the distraction we’re all waiting for?

How to stop fear mongoing from becoming an distractionHow to prevent fear mmongering from becoming another distractionHow we can help people stop feeling anxious in the first placeWhat can you do to stop it from happening?

Here are some ideas to help you get started:1.

Focus on your own fearsWhen you start to get anxiety about something, you’re usually starting from a place of self-worth, and that’s when you begin to fear that you’re failing.

The problem is that this is the first time you’ve felt anxious in your life, and it’s going to happen again and again.2.

Talk to others about the anxietyYou can always reach out to people who’ve experienced it.

If they’re supportive, they might be able to point you in the right direction.3.

Go on a walk in the park to calm your mindWhat’s your favorite activity in the morning?

If you feel anxious about the way the world is, you may find that going outside makes you feel better.


Take a walk or a ride in the waterWhat’s the best way to get yourself going in the afternoon?

Just being outside and enjoying nature is great, but going to a park or swimming in the ocean may be better for your anxiety.


Read a short story in the book you want to read, or a short text bookThe story you want may not have been a great one for you, but reading it may be able give you a break.

If you’ve never read a short novel, you might be surprised by how much they can change your outlook.6.

Go for a run to relaxYou know you’re not ready for the adrenaline rush when you walk into a gym or run a mile, but taking a stroll in the woods or the city streets can calm you down.


Go swimming or riding a bikeIn the summer, a nice swim in the river or a good ride on a bike can help calm you mind.8.

Do a short meditation or yoga sessionIf you have anxiety about a new app, TV show, movie or magazine, do a short mindfulness exercise to calm you.


Take time to appreciate your surroundingsThis isn’t just about getting a glass of water, it’s about finding some quiet space where you can relax, reflect and get your thoughts in order.10.

Spend some time with a friendWhat can we do to help people deal with anxiety?

It can be hard to find peace and calm when we’re stressed, but if you can take time to reflect on the day and make yourself feel better, it can help you to feel more confident and relaxed in the future.11.

Talk about it in a more positive wayIf you’re stressed about something in the past, try talking about it more in a positive way.


Go to a support groupIt may sound silly to spend time talking about your anxiety with a support person, but it can really help you feel more supported and have a better understanding of what’s happening.13.

Do some simple exercisesHow often do you feel your mind wandering?


Go somewhere you can just beThere’s no point getting caught up in the thoughts, so try something simple like taking a walk.


Talk with your friendsYou can talk to friends and family about your feelings, thoughts and anxieties, as long as they’re open to helping.16.

Go out and play outsideIf you’ve got anxiety about going out, it may not be an option, but just walking around or enjoying the countryside can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity to do.17.

Take your own timeThe best way for you to be relaxed and calmer in the long run is to simply take your own rest time.18.

Take some time to yourselfTake a break from all the chatter, social media, internet searches and the rest of the world and just let your mind and heart come to rest.19.

Read more about anxiety and mental healthThe key is to take your time and really just relax.

And when you do, you’ll feel happier and better