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Buy this ad to see which ad is the most popular on the website. 

In the case of The Last of Us, you can tell because of its massive lead over the other two. 

The ad, which sells itself as a “first-person story,” starts with a photo of Joel walking across a desert landscape with a man on his back.

The image then shows Joel and Ellie in the middle of a crowded street, holding hands.

The ad then cuts to the man and Ellie walking through a door.

As the ad moves on, Joel is seen taking a step backwards. 

“We know it’s Joel.

We know it.

We have this image of Joel.

And we think we’ve got a good shot of Joel, and we want to show that,” said Ben Binder, president and chief executive of SABMiller, which owns Naughty Dog. 

Binder said he and his team knew they had a strong lead on the image, which he said had a more intimate feel than most of the other ads he’d seen.

The two images had been shared on social media several times before and Binder said the company was already working to get them seen by the public. 

But when the ad finally showed up, it wasn’t the same image. 

Instead, it was a much more realistic image that showed the two of them in a hotel lobby.

The other ads, including this one, had Joel and the man holding hands with Ellie, with Joel walking in a direction opposite of where they had seen the image.

That’s because The Last Of Us, which was released last year, doesn’t have a big, wide-open landscape.

It’s more of a landscape with some trees and foliage. 

As a result, the image on the billboard was closer to the real thing, Binder explained. 

When asked if the image looked anything like what he saw in The Last, Binders said it was “kind of a weird, distorted shot.”

Binder did admit that the image had the feel of a movie trailer. 

SABMiller’s Binder also noted that the company doesn’t usually do the same thing in its own ads, and that they did that with this one.

“We’ve never done this before.

It is not something we do,” he said. 

Another problem with the billboards was that they weren’t showing up when people were looking at them. 

It’s a concern Binder expressed to The Verge, though he noted that it’s “probably something that people are just kind of surprised by.” 

It may be a strange choice for SAB Miller to do that, since they were able to get the image to a large audience before, during, and after the game was released. 

There were also a few other issues with the billboard.

It had a sticker that was misleading.

The poster said it had “the word ‘The Last’ written on it.”

The poster also had a photo that looked like it had the words “The Last of us.”

The game, of course, has not released a trailer for the game. 

And there were some other things that could have made the billboard look different.

The last of us was a very long game, Bider said, adding that he doesn’t want to make this billboard look like the last of our story. 

That said, it’s clear that SAB has done something that was good enough to warrant the billboard, so long as it’s not as jarring as the rest of the campaign. 

This is only the first billboard the game has put up in North America.

Binder has said he plans to do similar ones in Europe and other countries.