How to spot false advertising in your Google ads June 19, 2021 June 19, 2021 admin

Google has long been known for its aggressive advertising campaigns, and its recent move to stop misleading ads appears to be part of that effort.

But the company’s new advertising policies may also be a bit too aggressive.

In an update to its Google Adwords policies, Google announced that it will no longer allow ads on Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google products that are “advertising-related.”

The new rules do not apply to the company itself.

Instead, advertisers will need to opt-out from these ad-serving services in Google’s AdWords settings.

That means advertisers will have to be more careful about what they share with Google.

If an advertiser opts out of Google AdWords, Google’s algorithms will no doubt continue to use their own advertising data to track and recommend advertising.

But this could be a significant change for the company, which relies heavily on Google AdSense revenue for its ad revenues.