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What’s the best part of your birthday: The party, the cake, the birthday cake?

Well, not much, really.

Celebrity advertising quotes are the best.

And then there are adverts that just work.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the medium in which advertisers advertise their products or services.

It’s usually done through a website, social media, or through direct mail.

How does it work?

In advertising, the advertiser sends out a series of messages to a particular target audience, asking them to click on a link, download a product, or take a picture.

They then place a message in their adverts.

Who uses advertising?

The industry is dominated by the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

But China is also home to some of the world’s largest advertisers, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Visa, Google, and IBM.

The industry employs a diverse group of people.

Is advertising more lucrative than other forms of advertising?


Advertising can be more lucrative in China than in most other countries, and the more money the advertisers make, the more likely they are to promote their products.

But the amount of money that an advertiser spends in China is not necessarily equal to what they spend elsewhere in the world.

For example, in the US the average amount spent on advertising in 2013 was $10.7 million.

Advertisers in China often spend a lot more money to promote themselves than they do in the rest of the industry, and they do it through direct marketing and other forms.

Why do some advertisers in China have to advertise for more than others?

The answer is money.

The more money a brand earns in China, the harder it is for it to sell its products outside of the country.

Advertisers have to work harder to earn more money from other Chinese brands, which means they are less likely to advertise in countries like the UK or Germany.

If you want to know more about the world of Chinese advertising, you should visit AdAge’s China business page.