How Twitch’s Twitch ads could boost Google’s search engine business June 8, 2021 June 8, 2021 admin

A key part of Google’s strategy for the future is its relationship with the video-streaming platform Twitch.

Last year, Google partnered with Twitch to stream hundreds of millions of hours of TV shows, movies and music from its YouTube channel.

Twitch also recently added a live video feed to Google Search, allowing the company to track the search queries of people searching for the search term.

The video-editing and video-uploading app has been making inroads in Google search with the launch of a live search tool that lets users search for YouTube videos, according to reports.

Google said it is currently the No. 1 search engine for YouTube in India.

Google’s move follows a series of moves to boost its online video business, including the acquisition of YouTube in 2015, the creation of Google Play Video, and its recently launched YouTube TV service, which brings Google’s live video service to mobile devices.