Which of these ad-sharing sites is cheapest? June 7, 2021 June 7, 2021 admin

Ads are still a way to spread your content, but they’re not as valuable as you might think, according to a new study.

Here are the 10 most affordable places to share your photos and videos.


Instagram 1.1 billion Instagram photos and more than 2.5 billion videos.

That’s more than twice the size of Facebook.

The app allows users to post photos and video directly to their feed and then link to others.

Like many other social networks, Instagram also allows users with multiple accounts to tag each other’s photos.

But unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t require users to create separate accounts to post, so you can easily share photos and upload videos with friends and family.


Flickr 2.1 million photos and 8.5 million videos.

Flickr’s image-sharing feature lets you post to a variety of photo sharing platforms, including Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Flickr.

But the service is also limited in terms of upload options.

Flickr doesn’t allow users to embed their photos or videos in your posts, and they also don’t allow you to embed your own photos or video.


Tumblr 2.2 million photos, 1.5 megabytes of content and about 1 million videos available to view on the site.

Tumblr is also a more limited app, limiting upload options to about 300 photos per day.


Pinterest 1.4 million photos with over 1.3 million videos in storage, and 400 photos per month available for upload.

Pinterest allows you to create a “poster” and embed images in posts, but it doesn’t let you share your own content.


Tumblr 3.2.1 Million photos and over 2.8.2M videos available.

Tumblr has an unlimited number of images and videos to upload to the site, but its limited upload option means you’ll have to create an account to upload photos and images.


Flickr 3.5.2 Million photos, over 4.4M videos and over 7.5M images in storage available.

Flickr allows users upload up to 10 photos per minute, but requires users to have a verified account and create a blog and social media presence.


Facebook 1.8 billion photos and nearly 2.3 billion videos available for viewing.

Facebook offers two photo-sharing platforms, Instagram and Flickr, which lets users upload and post photos directly to each other.

Users can also share images from their own pages.

But Instagram’s photo-and-video sharing capabilities are limited.


Facebook 2.7 billion photos available for uploading and sharing with Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t offer upload options for photos and other content.


Reddit 1.9 billion photos with more than 1.6 million videos and about 800 posts available.

Reddit’s photo and video sharing functionality is limited to a few posts per day and no more than 20 images per post.


Snapchat 1.2 billion photos, 700 million videos, over 2 million users and about 5 million posts available for download.

Snapchat’s photo sharing feature isn’t available for videos, but Snapchat allows users add a caption to photos, so they can tag each others’ photos.