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By: Shobha GhoshPublished: May 30, 201712:15:28Google is a big player in India, but it’s not the only one.

Advertising on the country’s internet is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, with many of the companies that make their money online in the market.

Google’s India subsidiary Adwords has been doing well for some time.

And that’s thanks to its ad tech.

Adwords, or the “Big Adwords”, is a search engine that’s integrated with the Google platform and can provide a service for advertisers to find, promote and monetise their websites.

For many companies, Adwords is their gateway to monetisation.

The service enables brands to sell products, services and services on the platform.

In this context, Adverts are one of Adwords’ key features.

For the average Indian, it means that they are able to buy ads for their websites and also monetise them through the Adwords platform.

While Google’s Adwords service is currently offering advertisers a unique opportunity in India to reach a much larger number of people, other companies are also offering Adwords as a tool for ad targeting.

In fact, a few of these companies are even creating their own Adwords platforms in India.

Google, for instance, has started providing advertisers in India with a platform that allows them to target ads to users based on the users’ geography.

Advertisers will be able to target users based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and other cities.

For instance, if you are in Mumbai and need to reach people from Delhi, then Google will give you an ad to target to that user based on Mumbai.

Advertisements will also be targeted based on their interests, location and demographics.

In India, these types of targeting tools are considered to be among the fastest-growing segments of AdWords’ revenue, and the AdWords platform has seen significant growth over the past couple of years.

According to a report by Zillow, AdWords has seen an additional $1.1 billion revenue from India in 2017.

It also reported that in 2017, the number of Adverts being created grew by nearly 40% in India compared to 2016.

Google has been offering AdWords in India since 2013 and has expanded its services in other countries.

For example, in India it launched its Adwords Mobile app in 2017 and in 2017 also launched Adwords for Business.

AdWords is also one of many advertising platforms in other parts of the world where it offers ad targeting services to advertisers.

For instance, AdvertiserMob, a company that sells Adwords ads to brands and brands in the US, is set to launch an online ad platform in India later this year.

Its platform will offer advertisers the ability to target campaigns to their audience based on what they have posted in their Facebook profiles, and then target their ads to those users based off of their social network.

Google also offers AdWords for Business to businesses, who can also target their campaigns to customers based on how they are liked by their followers.

Advertisers can also offer ad targeting to their clients using Adwords.

For this, Adword offers a service that allows the advertisers to offer a product or service in exchange for a commission.

For advertisers, this can be in the form of advertising or sponsorship.

For some companies, this is an attractive option to use Adwords to monetise.

The advertising agency, for example, may be able offer ads to its clients in exchange of an endorsement.

In turn, the advertiser can then use the endorsement to reach potential customers through Adwords in their own ad campaigns.

Google does not disclose its ad targeting options for advertisers in the same manner as other advertising platforms.

But it has a long history of providing its advertisers with such options.

Its AdWords offering for businesses is available for more than 200 countries.

Google India has been running its AdWords business in India for over two decades, and it has grown into a multi-billion dollar business.

But its success in India has not been without problems.

AdSense, which Google launched in 2014, was widely criticized for being a costly, slow and ineffective platform.

While the AdSense platform has come to be widely adopted, AdSense’s shortcomings remain.

AdSense is still an expensive way to target people with Google’s mobile apps.

But since it is based on Google’s search engine, it does not allow users to opt-out of ads that Google is not serving.

For these users, the Adsense service is an expensive option to get.

The ads are delivered through a third-party platform and users are not able to opt out.

The AdSense model has come under scrutiny over the last couple of months.

Google is facing criticism over AdSense as well.

It is the second most popular mobile ad platform after Google’s own AdWords.

The reason for this is because it is the one that is most likely to be used by people in India who don’t